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5 Best Old School Runescape Achievement Diaries that Save You Hell of Time

In Old School Runescape, to reward players for their grinding, OSRS has adopted a different approach via the OSRS achievement diary if you are wondering how these work and which ones are beneficial for you, fear not, as we have hand-picked the five best Old School Runescape Achievement diaries.

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What Are OSRS Achievement Diary Offer?

Old School Runescape Achievement diaries require more effort and grinding, but comparing this hard work with reward makes sense. Now, let’s look at what OSRS achievement diary offers: discounts on specific shop items, increased character stats, access to powerful combatting abilities, unlocking powerful weapons, and even reduced cost of cheap OSRS gold for various items and many more. The OSRS achievement diary is more area-specific. Currently, 12 areas have achievement Diaries, each further sub-categorized into simple tasks, totaling 492 tasks.

Come with us so we can show you how each works:

5 Best Old School Runescape Achievement Diaries

Here are five of the best OSRS Achievement Diary rewards, including their benefits and how to unlock them:

1. Ardougne Diary (Ardougne Cloak)

If you’re a farming grinder, who’d know the painstaking struggle better than you behind it? Running through these farming regions consumes a hell of time. But the good thing is you can solve this problem to some extent. Ardougne Cloak gives you three teleports to Adougne farming patches by completing the Ardougne Medium Diary. You can increase teleports up to 5 by further finishing up the hard version of this diary.

On top of that, Ardougne Diary also gives you best-in-slot prayer bonuses and even increases the pickpocketing success rate. But it does not end here; one major reward is that once you complete this OSRS achievement diary, you will get 250 pure and 84 buckets of delivery daily.

2. Elite Kourend & Kebos Diary (Rada’s Blessing (4))

Second on the list, Elite Kourend & Kebos Diary gives your character many perks: your chance of catching fish significantly increases by 8%; you can traverse Mount Kuruulm. You also get a special Rada’s Blessing (4), which is especially useful for accessing Hydra and the Slayer Master Konar.

But there is more; as you know, equipping blessings in OSRS increases your prayer points, which is crucial during combat. However, while other blessings increase character prayer by +1: Rada’s Blessing (4) is an exception here, giving your character a whopping +2 bonus that is worth all effort in completing this Old School Runescape achievement diary.

3. Elite Wilderness Diary (Wilderness Sword 4)

Are you willing to stop struggling so hard within the Wilderness and come out on top? The Wilderness Elite Diary offers a coveted reward: The Wilderness Sword. A closer look at the matter reveals the following. This legendary blade gives the owner as many teleports to the Fountain of Rune an unlimited number of times, and that is a dream for every mage who would like to gain additional power.

Also, it allows the preservation of runes while performing spells of the high alchemy level; it is a desired proficiency for those who want to become rich. However, the most tempting one, one that allows you to deal more damage to the horrendous Chaos Elemental, makes it mandatory for those who dare to travel the great outdoors. 

4. Lumbridge & Draynor Diary ( Fairy Ring Access Without Staff)

Think about a world where you can travel through the dimensions of Gielinor without worrying about having a Dramen or Lunar staff in your hand. Thus, the Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Diary opens the possibility of reaching fairy rings with the help of a Fairy Ring Access Without Staff.

It saves space in terms of inventory and makes it much easier to travel across different territories. For those trying to avoid dull routines and grounded agility training, this diary reward provides them with various opportunities. Would you like to say Sayonara to staff and enjoy Fairy Rings’s freedom instead?

5. Morytania Diary (Bonecrusher)

In the dark and eerie lands of Morytania, where the dead walk and danger lurks at every corner, the Morytania Hard Diary offers a boon to those brave enough to venture forth: the Bonecrusher.

When fitted to this weapon, dropped bones from monsters are relentlessly crushed, giving a Prayer experience. For those who need to practice prayer during the fight and become a real Bonecrusher in a classic media piece. Do you want to dare yourself with goals like gaining 70 Prayer and completing Quests requiring 52 Agility? If you do, then it’s your time to conquer Morytania and make this stunning tool yours.

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