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Legacy of Allen Foster: A Footballer’s Journey from the Pitch to the Battlefield

Allen Foster, born around 1887, left an indelible mark on English football during his brief but impactful career. Primarily known for his role as an inside left, Foster showcased his talents across various clubs, leaving a lasting impression on fans and peers alike.

Foster’s legacy is deeply intertwined with his time at Reading, where he made over 140 appearances in the Southern League. His contributions on the field solidified his position as a key player and endeared him to supporters who admired his skill and dedication.

Beyond his tenure at Reading, Foster also ventured into the Football League, representing Bristol City. While the specifics of his time at Bristol City may be less documented, his presence undoubtedly left a mark on the club’s history.

Tragically, Allen Foster’s promising career was cut short when he passed away on 8th August 1916. Despite his untimely demise, his impact on the footballing world remains palpable, as a reminder of the talent and passion gracing the sport in bygone eras.



Allen Cultivate’s excursion in football started in Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, where he improved his abilities playing for Parkgate Athletic and Rotherham Town in the non-association circuit. His ability on the field didn’t be ignored, driving him to a vital open door with Bristol City in the Principal Division in 1909. Notwithstanding, his time at the club saw restricted activity, with only 13 appearances and a single objective in his possession.

Despite his stint at Bristol City, Foster’s talent shone brightest when he showcased his scoring abilities for the club’s reserve team in the Great Western Suburban League. His impressive goal-scoring record caught the eye of Reading, a newly promoted Southern League First Division club, who secured his services for a £75 fee in August 1911.

Foster’s tenure at Reading marked a period of significant success for both him and the club. He swiftly established himself as a prolific goal scorer, becoming a pivotal figure in Reading’s lineup. One of the standout moments of his career came on 13th May 1914 when he netted a memorable hat-trick against the prestigious AC Milan, contributing to Reading’s remarkable 5-0 triumph. Such was the impact of this victory that it garnered attention even from international quarters, with the esteemed Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera hailing Reading FC as the finest foreign team witnessed in Italy.

By the time Foster concluded his professional career with Reading, he had amassed an impressive tally of 73 goals, leaving an indelible mark on the club’s history and the hearts of its supporters. His legacy as a skilled and revered player endures as a testament to his dedication and talent on the football pitch.

Allen Foster Personal life


Allen Foster’s life extended beyond the football pitch, encompassing personal commitments and a sense of duty that transcended the sporting realm. Even as he pursued his passion for football with Parkgate Athletic, Foster balanced his athletic endeavors with employment in the fitter’s room at a colliery, highlighting his industrious nature and the realities of life beyond the sport.

With the outbreak of the First World War looming large, Foster’s sense of duty led him to enlist as a private in the Football Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment in 1914. This decision reflected his commitment to serving his country in a time of great need, showcasing his courage and patriotism.

Sadly, destiny mediated during the Clash of Delville Wood on the eighth of August 1916. Encourage, close by his confidants, courageously went over the top with the brigade at Guillemont, only to be met with the staggering truth of fighting. In the disarray of the fight, he suffered extreme wounds, being shot in the thigh, midsection, and arm.

Despite the harrowing circumstances, Foster’s resilience endured as he was rescued by four stretcher-bearers from the treacherous expanse of no man’s land. His journey didn’t end there, as he was transported to a hospital in Corbie, where he fought valiantly against his wounds. However, the toll proved too great, and Allen Foster succumbed to his injuries, passing away in the hospital.

His final resting place lies in Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension, a solemn reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals like Foster in the tumult of war. His legacy resonates not only through his contributions to football but also through his bravery and selflessness on the battlefield, forever immortalized in the annals of history.


  • Early Life and Football Vocation: Allen Encourage, brought into the world around 1887, hailed from Rawmarsh, Yorkshire. He started his football process in non-association football with Parkgate Athletic and Rotherham Town.
  • Proficient Vocation: In 1909, Encourage took action to the Principal Division club Bristol City, where he showed up and scored one objective.
  • Change to Perusing: Encourage’s amazing exhibitions for Bristol City’s save group in the Incomparable Western Rural Association grabbed the eye of Southern Association First Division club Perusing. In August 1911, Perusing got his administration for a charge of £75.
  • Productive Scoring: During his time at Perusing, Encourage ended up being a productive objective scorer, netting a sum of 73 objectives for the club.
  • Significant Accomplishment: One of the features of Encourage’s vocation came on the thirteenth of May 1914 when he scored a full go-around against AC Milan, adding to Perusing’s 5-0 triumph. This noteworthy accomplishment procured Perusing acclaim even from global quarters, with the Italian paper Corriere della Sera hailing them as the best unfamiliar group found in Italy.


What position did Allen Foster play?

Foster primarily played as an inside left during his football career.

How many goals did Allen Foster score for Reading?

Allen Foster scored a total of 73 goals for Reading during his time at the club.

What was the fee for Allen Foster’s transfer to Reading?

Reading secured Allen Foster’s services for a fee of £75.

What notable achievement did Allen Foster accomplish during his career?

One of the most notable achievements of Allen Foster’s career was his hat-trick against AC Milan in 1914, contributing to Reading’s 5-0 victory.

Where is Allen Foster buried?

Allen Foster was laid to rest in Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension.


Allen Cultivate’s story is one of ability, commitment, and penance. From his modest starting points in non-association football to his productive scoring for Perusing, Cultivate made a permanent imprint on the game. His accomplishments on the field, especially his noteworthy full go-around against AC Milan, exhibited his expertise and ability as a footballer. Nonetheless, Encourage’s inheritance reaches out past football, as he addressed the call to serve his country during WWI. His courage and penance despite war act as a strong wake up call of the human expense of contention. Allen Encourage’s memory lives on, deified in the chronicles of football history and worshipped for his commitments both on and off the pitch.

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