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Luh Tyler Net Worth, Early Life, Height, Weight, Age, Career, Girlfriend, and Other Information

These days, Luh Tyler’s bank account appears to be in good shape, with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. And that should come as no surprise, given his successful music industry career.

Luh Tyler’s music provides the majority of his revenue. He’s making a good living off of the sales and streams of his music, which are going viral on streaming services and flying off the shelves. Not only is his music well-liked, but it also brings him financial success, enhancing his standing in the business and lining his coffers in the process.

Luh Tyler Bio

Net Worth$1.5 Million.
Real NameTyler Meeks.
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 2006.
Birth PlaceTallahassee, Florida, U.S.
Age18 years.
ProfessionRapper, songwriter.
Height5 feet, 6 inches.
Weight50 kg.
Hair ColorBrown.
Eye ColorBrown.

Who is Luh Tyler

Born on February 20, 2006, Tyler Meeks, better known by his stage name Luh Tyler, is a Tallahassee, Florida-based rapper who has been making waves in the American rap scene. He rose to prominence with his debut studio album, “My Vision,” which peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Heatseekers list. He is presently representing Atlantic Records.

However, Luh Tyler’s song “Law & Order” was the one that truly made his name. That song was the beginning of his rise to fame. They then confirmed to everyone that he was here to stay in February 2023 when he collaborated with the well-known Ski Mask the Slump God on the hit song “Florida Water,” which brought him even more success.

Luh Tyler dropped his debut mixtape, “My Vision,” on March 31, 2023. He didn’t hold back either, bringing in big names for some incredible collaborations like BabyTron and NoCap. To further increase the stakes, he added Lil Uzi Vert to the mixtape on April 4, 2023, adding even more fire to the already potent mix. Luh Tyler’s place in the rap business was cemented with that maneuver, which demonstrated his ability and network to keep moving up the ladder.

Early Life

On February 20, 2006, Luh Tyler set off on his adventure in Tallahassee, Florida, USA, against a backdrop of obstacles. Then known as Tyler Meeks, he was brought up in the middle of hardship by his strong single mother, who reared Tyler and his sister, Mackenzie Meeks, while navigating the difficult path of single motherhood. Their lives was characterized by the brutal reality of violence, poverty, and drug use.

Despite the tumultuous environment, Luh Tyler found refuge and a voice in music. He threw himself into writing and rapping even at the tender age of eleven, utilizing his craft to help him through the hardships he faced. Tyler developed his own distinct style and flow, drawing influence from artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, and Eminem. He channeled his suffering into moving rhymes that connected with listeners. Through music, he found a way to transform his hardships into something meaningful and powerful.


Luh Tyler’s rise to fame started with a crafty online move. His initial surge in popularity and recognition stemmed from posting songs and freestyles on YouTube to showcase his musical abilities. He posted his music, videos, and visually striking images on social networking sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter in an effort to increase his following base. His online identity generated a lot of engagement in 2022, piqueing Atlantic Records’ interest.

Luh Tyler signed a record deal with Atlantic Records at the age of seventeen after seeing his potential and seizing the chance to become one of their youngest musicians. The game changed when he released his debut single, “Luh Me,” in March 2022.  With over 100 million listens on Spotify and YouTube combined, the song became viral and cemented Luh Tyler’s ascent to prominence.

Luh Tyler’s Age, Height, And Weight

Tyler is seventeen years old. At 5 feet 6 inches, he’s not the tallest guy, but his presence more than makes up for it. Tyler maintains a slender and mean weight of about fifty kg. He has that timeless appearance that is difficult to forget, with his light brown hair and brown eyes. And when it comes to kicks, he’s rocking a size 7 (US), keeping it fresh from head to toe.

Luh Tyler’s Family Background

Luh Tyler keeps his family life pretty low-key, and there’s not a whole lot of info out there about his parents, siblings, or other family members. Despite digging around, it’s tough to find any specific deets about his immediate family.

Tyler’s ethnicity is defined as mixed, which suggests that he comes from a varied background, although he hasn’t actually revealed much information about it. In order to add some mystery to his life narrative and pique the interest of his admirers and the general public regarding his origins, it appears that he is purposefully hiding that aspect of his background.

Luh Tyler Girlfriend

Luh Tyler falls in love with Instagram personality and model Laila. They went public with their intense, sincere passion in June of that year, which had begun as an internet friendship. On social media, Tyler and Laila both posted a cute picture of themselves cuddling together, making their romance public.

They have essentially been together ever then, assiduously incorporating their love tale onto social media. Fans may get a glimpse into their captivating romance by perusing their pages, which are replete with photos of their excursions and special occasions. Not only do they discuss personal things, but they have also worked together professionally, showing up in each other’s picture albums and music videos. They are partners in challenging each other’s boundaries as well as in love. careers forward, blurring the lines between personal and professional life in the best way possible.

How Did Luh Tyler Get So Famous?

The influence of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram is directly tied to Luh Tyler’s success. His song “Law & Order” became popular on TikTok, garnering an amazing 901 million views. This exposure made Luh Tyler’s mainstream debut possible, proving TikTok’s ability to bring up-and-coming artists to the forefront.

Still, other songs gained popularity on TikTok than “Law & Order”. Hits like “Jayda Wayda” and “Planet Fitness” that got viral on the website helped Luh Tyler’s musical career. The global reach of TikTok was important in bringing Luh Tyler’s music to a wide range of listeners throughout the globe, which in turn helped him win praise and fame.


  • Born Tyler Meeks on February 20, 2006, Luh Tyler is a native of Tallahassee, Florida.
  • “My Vision,” his first studio album, peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Heatseekers list.
  • The breakthrough song “Law & Order” made Luh Tyler famous. He also worked with Ski Mask the Slump God on the song “Florida Water.”
  • His first mixtape, “My Vision,” which included collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert and BabyTron, was published.
  • Luh Tyler’s popularity was mostly fueled by his online presence, especially on TikTok and Instagram.


What is Luh Tyler’s net worth?

Luh Tyler has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, primarily from his music career.

Who is Luh Tyler dating? 

Luh Tyler is in a relationship with Laila, an Instagram model and influencer.

What is Luh Tyler’s height and weight? 

Luh Tyler stands 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs roughly 50 kilograms.

What is Luh Tyler’s ethnicity?

Luh Tyler’s ethnicity is described as mixed, although specific details about his background remain undisclosed.

How did Luh Tyler rise to fame?

Luh Tyler gained popularity through his music, particularly on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where his songs went viral.

Final Words

Luh Tyler’s climb to the top of the music industry from Tallahassee is credited to his intelligence, perseverance, and clever use of social media. Despite having to confront problems at an early age, he found solace in music and channeled his pain into moving songs that impacted audiences worldwide. Luh Tyler is leaving a lasting mark on the music business by establishing himself in the rap scene through a variety of relationships and an impressive online presence.

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