Maurice Scott Age: A Journey Through Time

Maurice Scott Age: A Journey Through Time

Maurice Scott denotes his birthday on September 25th every year. Starting around 2024, he’s around 46 years of age. His birthday isn’t simply a date; it represents his change from a realtor to a noticeable figure truly TV.

Maurice Scott Bio

Full NameMaurice Scott.
Date of BirthSeptember 25th.
Age46 years old.
ProfessionReal Estate Agent, Businessman, Lawyer, Reality TV Personality.
Height5 feet 7 inches.
Weight75 kg.
Net Worth$6.5 million – $10 million.
SpouseKimmi Grant.
ChildrenXavier, Tatyana, D’Shayla.
EducationJuris Doctorate Candidate.

Who is Maurice Scott?


Maurice Scott is an effective American referred to for his accomplishments as a realtor, financial specialist, lawyer, and unscripted television star. He rose to distinction through Oprah Winfrey’s world series, “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.” Maurice’s effect is surprising, seen through his assorted abilities and enthralling on-screen presence. With a scope of capacities and an enchanting disposition, Maurice stays a critical figure in both business and diversion, displaying his versatility and allure.

Maurice Scott Education

Maurice Scott is profoundly dedicated to instructive greatness, presently submerging himself in the realm of a Juris Doctorate. His quest for lawful investigations goes past raising a ruckus around town; it mirrors his long for information and supplements his flourishing business abilities.

His experience in regulation, flawlessly woven into his endeavors in land and then some, depicts an expert committed to comprehensive development. The lawful experiences he acquires through his Juris Doctorate venture resemble a clear-cut advantage in Maurice’s stockpile of progress.

It’s not just about extravagant terms; it’s a veritable resource, furnishing him with the profound bits of knowledge required for exploring the unpredictable universe of land and other enterprising undertakings. The mix of lawful smarts and business sharp shows that Maurice is something beyond a tired old act – he’s a balanced proficient.

Maurice isn’t simply shuffling lawful books and agreements to look good; it’s a demonstration of his mental ability and key reasoning. This novel blend resembles his superpower, empowering him to explore legitimate difficulties while making smart business moves.

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Maurice Scott Personal Life


Maurice Scott’s life isn’t just about his expert hustle; a real story entwines various parts of what his identity is. He’s found joy in his union with Kimmi Award, a force to be reckoned with known for her television work, acting abilities, and enterprising soul. Together, they’re accomplices at home as well as co-stars on the unscripted television pearl “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” giving watchers a look into the genuine elements of their relationship.

However, it’s not about marvelousness and excitement; Maurice is likewise a pleased father to three children – Xavier, Tatyana, and D’Shayla. Also, we should not neglect, he’s completely embracing the job of stepdad with adoration and care for Kimmi’s child, Jaylin. It’s a genuine mixed family circumstance, and Maurice is tied in with cultivating congruity.

The complexities of Maurice’s everyday life, his authentic associations with his children and stepson – it’s undeniably spread out for watchers on the unscripted TV drama. In this light, Maurice Scott isn’t simply a diversion and business hotshot; he’s a family man, adding profundity and credibility to his public persona.

Maurice Scott Career


Maurice Scott’s vocation is a remarkable excursion, exhibiting his flexibility and enterprising soul that have had an effect in different fields. In February 2020, he accomplished a huge achievement by turning into an accomplice at Joined Legitimate Group, LLC in Huntsville, Alabama. In this job, Maurice uses his legitimate ability to add to the achievement and development of the lawful group.

In any case, that is not all – Maurice is additionally the genius behind Credit 1 USA. As far as he might be concerned, it’s not just about business; it’s a mission to address monetary differences through monetary proficiency, credit training, and credit fix administrations. He puts stock in furnishing individuals with the devices and information they need for monetary fairness and monetary prosperity. Maurice comprehends that monetary wellbeing isn’t simply private; it influences society all in all, and he’s committed to having a beneficial outcome.

Before his ongoing endeavors, Maurice Scott filled in as the co-President at S.O.E. Development, where he caused disturbances in the Metro-Detroit private land scene. His time there wasn’t just about initiative; it exhibited his profound comprehension of the land business.

Seeing Maurice’s vocation way, you can see a powerful expert. From legitimate practice to land and monetary administrations, he’s making significant commitments to his local area and then some. As he keeps on filling in his profession, Maurice Scott sticks out, leaving an enduring effect on the ventures he’s engaged with and epitomizing the soul of a balanced and ground breaking business visionary.

Maurice Scott Social Media


Amidst Maurice Scott’s assorted profession, he’s dynamic via web-based entertainment, particularly Instagram. It resembles getting a slip look into his life, where he uninhibitedly shares both business related and individual minutes. Whether he’s examining land, regulation, business, or his encounters as an unscripted television star, Maurice isn’t simply posting for it; he’s participating in certifiable and significant discussions with his devotees.

His online entertainment accounts act as a computerized scrapbook, portraying his excursion with striking strokes. You’ll track down previews of his expert accomplishments, brief looks into his own life, and chunks of astuteness that reverberate profoundly. Maurice’s web-based presence improves his appeal and genuineness. In reality as we know it where online associations matter, Maurice Scott knows how to share his story and interface with individuals from varying backgrounds, making some meaningful difference in both the land and media outlets.


How old is Maurice Scott?

Maurice Scott celebrates his birthday every year on September 25th. He is approximately 46 years old.

What is Maurice Scott known for?

Maurice Scott is known for his versatile career as a real estate agent, businessman, attorney, and reality TV star. He gained prominence through Oprah Winfrey’s reality series, “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.”

What is Maurice Scott currently studying?

Maurice Scott is currently pursuing a Juris Doctorate, showcasing his commitment to legal studies alongside his thriving business ventures.

Is Maurice Scott involved in any social initiatives?

Yes, Maurice Scott is the founder of Credit 1 USA, a venture aimed at addressing economic disparities through financial literacy, credit education, and credit repair services.

Does Maurice Scott have a family?

Yes, Maurice Scott is married to Kimmi Grant, and they have three children together: Xavier, Tatyana, and D’Shayla. Maurice also embraces his role as a stepfather to Kimmi’s son, Jaylin.

What are Maurice Scott’s career highlights?

Maurice Scott has achieved significant milestones throughout his career, including becoming a partner at United Legal Team, LLC, and serving as co-CEO at S.O.E. Construction. He is also known for his involvement in various business ventures and his role on “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.”


Maurice Scott’s life and career embody versatility, dedication, and authenticity. From his beginnings as a real estate agent to his current roles as a reality TV star, businessman, and legal professional, Maurice has shown remarkable adaptability and a drive for continuous growth.

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