Alissa Ann Linnemann: A Life of Family, Faith, and Future Aspirations

Alissa Ann Linnemann: A Life of Family, Faith, and Future Aspirations

Matt Walsh is hitched to Alissa Ann Linnemann, and they’ve been joyfully hitched for 12 years at this point. Together, they’ve fabricated an exquisite family with six children, including two arrangements of twins. Their youngsters are named Jack, Josiah, Jeremiah, Julia, and Luke.

From the glimpses shared on social media, it’s evident that Matt and his wife have a beautiful family dynamic. Despite Matt being a controversial political analyst and often stirring up debate, their bond seems unshakable. One reason behind their strong matrimonial bond is their shared ideological beliefs. While Matt might face criticism from the public for his views, Alissa stands by him as his vocal supporter, which speaks volumes about their relationship.

Matt Walsh is Hitched to Alissa Ann Walsh (nee Linnemann)


Matt Walsh, the controversial political commentator, author, and public speaker, is married to Alissa Walsh, whose maiden name is Alissa Ann Linnemann. Born in the 1980s, she is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds American nationality.

While specific details about Alissa’s childhood are limited, it is known that she shares a close bond with her sister, whom she cherishes and visits whenever possible. Alissa herself pursued a college education, a choice that differs from her husband’s perspective. Unlike Matt, who is not particularly keen on acquiring substantial debt in pursuit of higher education, Alissa saw value in furthering her academic pursuits.

Alissa Became Matt Walsh’s significant other In October 2011

Matt Walsh previously ran into his future spouse, Alissa Walsh, through eHarmony, a dating stage known for its emphasis on encouraging enduring associations and real similarity. While there might be some suspicion encompassing the viability of web based dating, it ended up being an example of overcoming adversity for Matt and Alissa. Subsequent to interfacing on the stage, they took as much time as necessary getting to know one another before in the long run choosing to make the following stride.

On the paramount date of October 29, 2011, Matt and Alissa traded promises and authoritatively became a couple. Regardless of confronting a weighty tempest on their big day, the couple would not allow the climate to hose their spirits. Encircled by their friends and family, including Matt’s dear companions who remained close by as groomsmen, they praised their association with satisfaction and giggling. The sincere discourses conveyed by Matt’s companions added to the glow of the event, making it a genuinely extraordinary day for the love birds.

Matt and Alissa’s Marriage Is As yet Areas of strength for Waxing

Matt Walsh and his wife, Alissa, have made Nashville, Tennessee, their home, where they share a strong and loving bond evident from their social media presence. While Alissa’s Instagram is kept private, Matt’s account is open to the public, where he frequently expresses admiration for his wife.

Matt never misses an opportunity to celebrate their wedding anniversary, reflecting on their journey together as unexpected, adventurous, and filled with both joy and challenges. He describes their life together as sometimes kind of crazy, yet always beautiful.

In Matt’s eyes, Alissa is more than just a spouse; she embodies love and compassion, bringing immense joy to their existence. He often speaks of her deep faith and how it radiates through her, illuminating their lives with the love of the Lord.

Acknowledging Alissa as a source of strength and inspiration, Matt considers her belief in him during moments of self-doubt as a true blessing. He shows his appreciation by ensuring she gets time off for mini vacations, taking on the responsibility of caring for their children while she relaxes.

Meet Matt Walsh’s Six Youngsters With His Better Half

Matt Walsh and his better half, Alissa, are glad guardians to six great kids, which incorporates two arrangements of twins, making for an energetic family. Their excursion into life as a parent started with the appearance of their most memorable arrangement of twins, Luke and Julia, who appeared on the scene on May 26, 2013. Throughout the long term, they invited Jeremiah in October 2017, trailed by one more girl in 2019. Their family developed considerably more in January 2023 with the introduction of indistinguishable twin young men, Josiah and Jack.

Regardless of the difficulties that accompany beginning a family early on and raising a huge brood, Matt and Alissa wouldn’t exchange their life for whatever else. Their adoration for their kids radiates through in each part of their lives, apparent in the impressions shared via virtual entertainment. Matt frequently enchants adherents with stories of their family undertakings, from travels to visits to galleries and parks.

Alissa Walsh Offers Similar Convictions as Her Better Half


The foundation of Matt and Alissa Walsh’s marriage rests on their shared beliefs, particularly their alignment with right-wing ideologies. Alissa stands by her husband’s views publicly, displaying solidarity in matters such as being staunchly pro-life and embracing the belief in having as many children as they’re blessed with. Despite facing the heartache of multiple miscarriages, Alissa remains steadfast in her Christian faith, viewing each child as a precious individual with a name and significance beyond mere status as a fetus.

Moreover, both Matt and Alissa share skepticism towards certain medical practices, particularly regarding vaccinations and mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alissa, echoing her husband’s sentiments, has expressed resistance to mandatory vaccination requirements for her children. She asserts her parental right to decide which vaccines her children will receive, reflecting a firm stance on personal autonomy and individual choice within their family dynamic. Their united front on these contentious issues underscores the strength of their shared convictions and mutual support within their marriage.

Her Help For Her Better Half has Prompted Some Kickback

Alissa’s unwavering support for her husband has unfortunately brought some unwarranted backlash her way. In August 2022, when Matt announced on Twitter that they were expecting twins and made a comment about repopulating amidst declining populations, they faced criticism for allegedly promoting the great replacement theory, a notion deemed racist by many.

One particularly harsh comment directed at Alissa implied that she was being used as a mere broodmare for her husband’s agenda, endangering her health and lowering her quality of life. In response, Alissa firmly rejected this characterization, asserting her autonomy and independence. She described herself as a Proverbs 31 woman, emphasizing her energy, goals, and Christ-centered outlook on life. Alissa made it clear that she embraces her role as a mother with enthusiasm and has big plans for her life, which includes raising a large family. Her response underscores her resilience and determination to define her own identity and purpose, despite the criticism thrown her way.

Matt Walsh’s Significant other Tries to be a Real estate professional Later on

Alissa Walsh embarked on the journey of marriage shortly after completing college, dedicating herself primarily to the role of a homemaker. In spite of this concentration, she hasn’t avoided investigating different interests. In the mid-2010s, she took on a temporary job in the retail area, adding an alternate aspect to her encounters.

Additionally, Alissa found a creative outlet through her blog, “DIY Mom of Twins,” which she launched following the arrival of her first set of twins. Describing it as a platform for moms seeking encouragement and inspiration, she shared budget-friendly tips, humorous anecdotes, and practical applications of biblical principles. While she has downsized her contribution to a blog exercises to focus on bringing up her kids, not entirely set in stone to seek after her desires. She has her sights set on wandering into land and house flipping, exhibiting her desire and innovative soul as she keeps on shaping her life’s way.

Facts about Alissa Walsh:

  • Alissa Walsh, previously known as Alissa Ann Linnemann, wedded Matt Walsh in 2011.
  • She is of Caucasian identity and was brought into the world during the 1980s.
  • Alissa and Matt have six youngsters, including two arrangements of twins.
  • Alissa has been involved in various pursuits, including a part-time job in the retail sector and running a blog titled “DIY Mom of Twins.”
  • She is a dedicated homemaker but has aspirations to venture into real estate and house flipping.

FAQs about Alissa Walsh:

What is Alissa Walsh’s maiden name?

Alissa Walsh’s maiden name is Alissa Ann Linnemann.

How many children does Alissa Walsh have?

Alissa and her husband, Matt Walsh, have six children, including two sets of twins.

What are some of Alissa Walsh’s past endeavors?

Alissa has worked part-time in the retail sector and ran a blog called “DIY Mom of Twins,” offering encouragement and creative ideas for moms.

What are Alissa Walsh’s plans?

While primarily focused on raising her children, Alissa has expressed interest in pursuing real estate and house-flipping ventures.


Alissa Walsh’s life is a mix of family commitment, individual investigation, and future goals. As a given spouse and mother, she has embraced the delights and difficulties of bringing up six youngsters, including two arrangements of twins, close by her significant other, Matt Walsh. Notwithstanding essentially zeroing in on homemaking, Alissa has fiddled with different pursuits, including retail work and writing for a blog, mirroring her diverse advantages and imagination. Looking forward, she harbors desires to wander into the land business, displaying her innovative soul and assurance to cut out her own way. Alissa’s process is a demonstration of flexibility, desire, and the quest for individual satisfaction inside the setting of everyday life.

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